How IPTV works and it’s Benefits

IPTV is short for Internet Protocol Television; it is a television broadcasting medium that uses the Internet to transmit channels to you. Unlike cable or satellite transmission, which transmits programs to you in real time making you a spectator, IP TV offers you the possibility of finding the program you like and seeing it when you want, making you a decision maker. on TV. The condition is of course to have a computer or a smart TV with an internet connection and a subscription. If your television cannot use the Internet, then you will need to connect it to an IPTV box, which is often included in the subscription.

Services offered by Sapphire Secure IPTV:

IPTV options are of particular interest to hospitals and hotels because they allow:

The choice of IPTV box. Recording and selecting a specific program: also called video on demand (VoD), you can also record programs broadcast live and thus benefit from the rewind option.
Direct access to the various services of the establishment: at any time, thanks to the interactive TV interface. they also have a courier service.
Remote and multilingual information display: for example, a patient could consult their file via their TV, or the hospital would send safety instructions.

The choice of Sapphire Secure IPTV box:

here are the most important criteria to see:

Random access memory (RAM) and internal memory (hard drive): the first is used to improve the speed and fluidity of the interface, while the second is where the recordings and different applications are stored. The more important these two memories are, the more efficient your box will be and will be able to contain more elements. A RAM of 2 GB is the minimum recommended, for the hard drive, at least 16 GB.
Connectivity: the number of USB ports for connecting an external hard drive, the HDMI ports and their standards, the latter is responsible for video quality. Choose an HDMI 1.4 standard if you want at least FHD quality. Also consult the number of channels that the box can manage simultaneously, this number represents the number of programs that you can see at the same time (this function is called PIP or Picture In Picture) or record.
The operating system: there are several, most of which offer games, YouTube and other applications. This is optional, the important thing is to have one of the latest operational versions of the system.

IPTV is essential for hotels

Customers want to watch TV when they want, but not all establishments offer this service. However, there is a solution that we shared in this article. Sapphire Secure IPTV ( in the hotel industry offers an attractive concept since you have a much simpler installation method.

IPTV is essential for hotels

This method is not only reserved for individuals, professionals and especially hotels can opt for this concept.
With Sapphire Secure IPTV, it is possible to have a television connected to an IP network, so you get additional functionality.
This installation offers dynamic display, VOD, but also access to documentation …
The interface is also customizable, all services are available from this television.
Customers will have access to conventional channels, replay TV, video on demand as mentioned, and broadcast specific content for all devices.

The hotels can then offer an additional service to their customers and put forward a real quality, because it is always pleasant to watch TV during a trip whether it is private or professional. There is therefore no need to embark on a laborious installation since you have everything you need with IPTV.