Best Adult Dating Sites for 2018

For your naughty encounters, it is essential to register on one of the best sexy dating sites of the moment. But the choice is far from simple, with many platforms available. To guide you in this crucial choice, we have established here a top  of the best dating sites naughty and sex.

As you will see, there is something for everyone! To make this selection, we based ourselves on the criteria that we will develop below. Each in their own way, these platforms will satisfy the greatest number of rogues!

Friend Finder X

If you’re looking for a naughty, high-performance dating site, then Friend Finder X might be the one for you.

It is a sex dating platform with a fairly classic appearance, with a very functional interface. Quickly, we browse from profile to profile while likening those users who interest us.

Friend Finder X has a small side social network appreciates, which compensates for a lack of service: no webcam for example. However, the efficiency is largely at the rendezvous!

This naughty dating site is present in more than 20 countries and vacationers or professionals on the move will appreciate the fact of having fun even abroad. In France, Friend Finder X is a reference for sexy encounters and apart from the smallest towns, there are profiles from everywhere.

Users do not get prayed and we organize meetings after a few exchanges of messages. In addition, the complete profiles help to know what are the wishes of members even before contacting them. What save time and efficiency.

The icing on the cake, which makes Friend Finder X top of the ranking of the best naughty dating and sex sites, is its trial period of 3 days at 1.53 €! What test the site without commitment and start making your first naughty encounters!


Among the most popular naughty and sex dating sites, there is also AdultFriendFinder. And it’s not surprising, as it allows to obtain excellent results quickly.

Its main quality is the variety of profile that is on the site. Whatever your desires or your fantasies, there will necessarily be a member to share. The site is full of sexier profile than the other and there is little taboo here. It can be seen from the very beginning on the site, with hot photos and raw messages in support!

AdultfriendFinder has been around for 20 years and her community is huge. In just a few clicks, you will get profiles results available closer to home, and you can organize an appointment, or simply share a good time via the webcam chat. A nice alternative, which allows to vary the pleasures.

You can also save time by scrolling through members’ profiles to choose only on physical criteria. Convenient for those in a hurry

If you want to satisfy specific desires and vary experiences, AdultfriendFinder is definitely the site for you. Discover the test that we devote to him by clicking here.

Jacquie and Michel Contact

This site from the brand Jacquie and Michel, famous for its French X videos, is a newcomer on the market of the naughty encounter and he knew how to pull out of the game quickly.

It is a naughty dating site that works like a social network, on which it is possible to interact with others via their posts, their comments. Very quickly, it allows to integrate in a community where the sharing of sexual pleasures is the goal of all!

Visually very successful, the site Jacquie and Michel Contact is also in the proposed features. We can easily discuss with a lot of people and thus find plans without problems. Users are also very naughty about Jacquie and Michel Contact, no wonder when you know the achievements of the brand, and we can even meet here actresses who participated in the films of the brand!

On this adult dating site, we find singles, but also libertine couples ready to share a little fun.

Interesting on many levels, this site is fishing for the moment only by a community not yet well established, which makes some cities are less provided with profiles. For the rest, it’s all good!

It is even possible to test the site for 3 days for only € 1.95! For women, the use of the platform is also free at all times. What naughty meetings quickly for cheap.


Wyylde is the sexiest naughty dating site of this top 7. You will understand it from the homepage! The profiles, many, show sometimes naked bodies, tempting positions, leaving no doubt about the expectations of members.

This is the strength of Wyylde. No taboo, but a desire for shared sex. There are also many female profiles that frequent this site, which is free for them.

If the subscription system for men is not optimal, it allows however to have access to a large number of services, including the Webcam, or an enhanced messaging. The response rate is very good on Wyylde and the most naughty of you should not be long in finding their first plans.

We also receive a lot of spontaneous proposals, and even if some seem a little shady, we have the choice here!

You can choose a subscription to 1 € for one month, to learn about the possibilities. Attention to sensitive souls, because sex is king on Wyylde and does not hide it, as explained in this article dedicated to the site.

Casual Dating

The last of this top of the best naughty and sex dating sites is Casual Dating, a site that has chosen a different optics to allow you to meet naughty. If sex is always the goal, this time you are offered to find you by erotic preferences.

Indeed, the sexy encounters are here gently, in a very nice erotic-chic. Members can exchange via messages and choose according to their gender preferences. We save time, the exchanges become quickly pungent but we always remain in the evocation rather than in the use of raw words.

This does not prevent to make many meetings! Women seem to like this system, since they account for more than 60% of Casual Dating users. The community is not huge, but the upscale side of the site attracts motivated members, who respond quickly. In big cities, you will not have any problem finding a gaming partner, but it can sometimes be more complicated in small towns.

If you want to find a hookup or a lover who shares your sex tastes, the dating site Casual Dating and its erotic interface could satisfy you!


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