10 good reasons to meet someone via a dating app

Finished the time when we did not dare to flirt in digital! For the generation of “digital natives” that we are, meeting through a screen has become ultra common. And even, rather practical! here are our list of 10 good reasons, just to convince the most reluctant to take the plunge and start using dating apps.

We’re unveiling … but not too much

One or more photos, a detailed or enigmatic profile … It’s up to you to see how you want us to perceive you. Through an app of dating, we tell each other … excessively or parsimoniously.

We fight our shyness

You blush as soon as your target is addressing you? You stammer as soon as a guy pleases you? Stashed behind your smartphone to chat on Happn, take confidence in yourself and meet the person when you are really ready.

You can flirt with anywhere and any time

You know another place that an app where you can flirt at 7 am mat, under his duvet or in the subway, at noon swallowing a sandwich or 4 am mat, back box? That’s it.

Increase our chances of meetings

With our tempo “subway, work, sleep”, difficult to meet new people. And yet it is essential to begin an idyll! Via a dating app, it’s easy! And, icing on the cake with Happn, we are sure to meet people who are geographically close to us.

We scar our little bruised heart

Are you leaving a difficult relationship? Dragging on a dating app, it’s also aerate, cheer up, change your mind, regain self-confidence, without necessarily committing immediately.

Flirt without constraints

Reply to a “charm” or not on the app Happn. Dredge from home or the subway. Interrupt the conversation at any time to resume a few hours later. Stop talking to a guy who is disappointing. Dragging via an app is flexible dredging and master the rules of the game!

Consult live with our friends

They are so cool, our girlfriends, we must admit sometimes that the date is as tasty as the debriefing that follows. By dredging through a screen, we can even meet the guy by tweaking his aftershocks with his BFF at his side.

No need to wear makeup

Not shaved, a mask with cucumbers on the face, varnishing the toes … OK, the picture is a bit cliche, but admit that it’s rather tasty to send languorous messages sexy and glamorous girl in these conditions?

We will meet

Dragging through an app is also putting all the chances on his side to meet his life. Via Happn, you meet only the guys near you, those who will be ready to build something serious. So, get started!